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Gobind Sarvar’s Journey
Gobind Sarvar School was first established in 1999 on the Tri-Centenary of the Khalsa Sirjna Divas in Bulandpuri Sahib, Punjab. Over the next 17 years, with Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s benevolence and grace, schools began operating worldwide in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

In 2012, Gobind Sarvar Gurmat School was established in Calgary to provide youth of all ages a Gursikhi oriented environment. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential by learning Gurmukhi (written form of Punjabi), Gurmat (Guru Ji’s teachings and values), Gurbani (Guru Ji’s sacred utterances), Gurbani Kirtan (the Sikh musical art form of singing God’s praises), and Gatka (Sikh martial arts).

From our humble beginnings at Gobind Sarvar Gurmat School with approximately 24 students in 2012, enrollment for our evening classes has soared to an incredible 365 students in 2017. This success was only possible due to the amazing efforts of our volunteers, the unwavering dedication of the parents and the passion of our students.

The exceptional success of the evening classes clearly showed a need for a day school where children could learn the provincially mandated curriculum with the inclusion of Gurmat Classes. The decision to establish a Gobind Sarvar School in Calgary AB was founded through our connection to the community and our desire to spread love for humanity. The school was opened in August 2017 with the grace of Guru Ji and the support of the community. Gobind Sarvar aims to provide students with a challenging educational environment surrounded by access to the latest technology and programs to enable creativity and success. We are in touch with our roots and use the strength from these teachings to enshrine our belief of Today’s Learner… Tomorrow’s Guide.