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We believe in:

  • supporting students in the construction of their own “knowledge and process bank” through an inquiry approach to discovering, exploring, and problem solving.
  • providing students with the tools, confidence and encouragement they need to succeed in our ever-changing “Global Village”.
  • sustaining and promoting high quality personal, educational and moral standards.
  • utilizing today’s technology to build a foundation to exceed tomorrow’s expectations.
  • inspiring students to follow Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s teachings and to stay connected to their Sikh heritage.
  • creating an atmosphere of mindfulness.
    strengthening the links between Family, School, Gurdwara and Community.

At Gobind Sarvar we provide a high standard of academics and provide multiple opportunities for students to be leaders in the school. The focus of Gobind Sarvar’s academics is to build problem solving

Hands-On Learning

At Gobind Sarvar we recognize the different learning styles of students and make it a priority to incorporate hands-on learning as much as possible. Students learn practical ways to apply their learning in real-life applications.

Field Trips

To enrich our students’ learning we provide opportunities for students to have field trips both in and out of school. These field trips allow students to reinforce, support, extend and enhance the concepts that they have learned in their classes. These field trips also provide students the opportunity to learn from others who expertise in specific fields, and participate in hands-on experiential learning.

Literacy Focus

We value the importance of literacy and as such emphasize the importance of literacy with daily designated literacy blocks. Students are exposed to literature in the classroom, online and through Book Truck visits. Gobind Sarvar uses a school-wide Balanced Literacy program. Strategies such as read alouds, shared reading and guided reading are used to enhance students’ comprehension skills. Students also have access to an online reading program (Raz-Kids), which students use on a regular basis.

Celebration of Learning

At Gobind Sarvar we recognize the important of celebrating and showcasing the learning that goes on in the classrooms. As such we encourage students to participate in exhibitions, competitions and presentations to celebrate their learning. Students in the higher grades have the opportunity to participate in academics events such as the Science Fair. The Science Fair is held annually and projects are judged a panel of judges. Projects are selected based on the criteria set by the Science Fair Committee. In 2019, our students participated in the regional Science Fair held at the University of Calgary.


Students are encouraged to build leadership skills both in the classroom and in school-wide events. Students organize “Sarbat da Bhalla” (which translates to “for the wellbeing of all”) projects. Seva is an important aspect of Sikhi, and through these projects students are encouraged to give back to the community. These projects allow students to develop leadership abilities and encourages them to get an understanding of the impact that they can have on the society.