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Gobind Sarvar School

Gobind Sarvar School is a non-profit independent academic school which follows Alberta’s mandated curriculum with Alberta certified teachers. The school provides higher standards of academics with affordable tuition fees. The classrooms are designed to promote a positive atmosphere with lower student to teacher ratios, the latest technological devices and provides an academic and spiritual learning environment.

The school’s ethos is based on the teachings of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our School Mission is
“Inspiring students to become authentic life-long learners by providing a safe, nurturing environment focused on inquisitive thinking, self-exploration, and holistic growth.”

Our philosophy is to create lifelong learners and to foster this we use the inquiry method in our classrooms. The Gurmat and Gurmukhi curriculum is integrated into the Alberta Education curriculum. Students also learn how to incorporate Sikhi values into their everyday lives. We begin our mornings with student-led meditation in the Darbar Sahib, which sets a positive atmosphere for the rest of the academic day.

Gobind Sarvar School welcomes students from all faiths and backgrounds. We believe in diversity and see this is as our strength. As such we also encourage our students and staff to connect to other schools so that we can learn from one another. In 2017-18, Gobind Sarvar had an exchange with Elizabeth Barrett School where students learned from another and had the opportunity to visit each school. Parents, staff and students were amazed at the kind and warm welcome that we received and the strong relationship we built between the two school communities.