Our Goal

  • To provide a quality Gurmat education that is broad, balanced and relevant to the needs of pupils within a modern society.

  • To enable all students to develop their latent spiritual potential by connecting with Gurbani, through the highest standards of teaching and learning.

  • To develop students' self-esteem, confidence, independence and engender consideration for others through the concept of Sewa; and through practical Sewa based activities strengthen bonds between school, home and wider community.

  • To encourage every member of our student community to invest in developing all aspects of Sikhi by providing opportunities in learning of Sikhi language (Gurmukhi), Sikhi arts (Gurbani Kirtan), Sikhi values (Gurmat) and Sikhi sports (Gatka) to strengthen every students' spiritual and physical development.

About Us

Gobind Sarvar Gurmat School is a Non-Profit organization run entirely by volunteer members (parents, youth, and staff) who work in partnership to carry out all services of the institute. The school's ethos is based on the teachings of Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and administered under the guidance of Gobind Marg Charitable Trust Foundation. The Sikh ethos is embedded in all learning curricular.

Students attend the institute in addition to attending regular K-12 public schools. Thus, students take their extracurricular classes at the institute in the evenings and weekends.

Our History

The first Gobind Sarvar School was established on the tri-centenary of the Khalsa Sirjna Divas in 1999 adjacent to Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Bulandpuri Sahib, Punjab. Subsequently, with Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's amazing love and blessings Gobind Sarvar Schools are currently operating worldwide in Canada (British Columbia, Calgary,   Ontario), Walsall (UK), France (Paris), Italy, Germany and USA (Fresno, Michigan, Indianapolis and New York).